5 Personality Traits You Should Look For in a Candidate

Employee Personality Traits

Having the necessary skills and experience are essential when deciding the candidate to hire. However, you should also look at who can bring more to the table with their personalities. After all, you can learn skills, but you can’t adopt a personality. As a hiring manager, you should look beyond resumes and cover letters and choose to examine a person’s character instead.

Here are four characteristics you should look out for when hiring for your company.

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Intellectual curiosity

A curious employee wants to know the hows and whys of the world and finds innovative ways to solve problems. The more curious a person is, the more likely they are open to learning new things and searching for further information.


This trait is crucial to hiring managers because they want to avoid micromanaging. An employee that is self-motivated is efficient and is capable of working solo. In dire situations, this employee is capable of keeping his head up.

Open to new experiences

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A candidate that is open to new experiences is more willing to learn new skills. Since they don’t limit themselves, they are more than happy to take on additional duties in the workplace. Employers will be glad to hire this candidate because he will be willing to take risks and try new things.


For your team to achieve greater things together, emotional intelligence is one of the must-haves in team members. Empathy is the source of great leadership, mindfulness, and deep bonds, which is vital for your team to work together.


Change is always happening, and that is why having the ability to adapt is a strength that employers seek. In unexpected situations, a flexible employee will be able to think on his feet and handle the problem with a cool head.


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