3 Moves MaidMalaysia Made to Serve Customers Better

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At first, it seems that innovation has nothing to do with the maid services industry. If you have this kind of thought, then you’re probably wrong. The reason for us to say this is that at Principia Wire, we have become the witness of revolution made by a fast-moving maid agency called MaidMalaysia.

How MaidMalaysia is Quickly Becoming the Best Maid Agency in Malaysia

This maid agency is one of the many growing tech-savvy companies that put more effort on digitalizing the industry in order to serve the customers better. So, what are the 3 biggest moves that they’ve made to change the game and become the best in Malaysia? Principia Wire unfolds the story here.

#1: They Rely on Databases

MaidMalaysia takes pride on having a huge and always-updated database to ensure that whenever a customer is looking for the right maid, they have the right set of algorithm to mix and match the customer’s needs with the maid with the suitable capabilities. To put it simply, they have a Google-like database themselves. While it’s very common to have it, many other maid agencies out there does not seem to adopt this new system as fast as the could, unlike MaidMalaysia.

#2: A Maid Agency With Automated System Integration

If you visit maidmalaysia.com, what you’re going to see a simple interface that provides a brief information about their agency. It’s what they call a minimalistic approach, perhaps. With a bit of knowledge on web user experience and testing out the websites (more like spamming them to see how they work), we could tell that their website has some sort of automated system integration. While that appears to be less human to some people, this feature the agency owns will benefit the users. How? Let’s take a look at point number 3.

MaidMalaysia | The Best Maid Agency in Malaysia

#3: Blazing Fast Communication

When you have a semi-automated system, you can pretty much say that the information that moves here and here and fast. Nothing pisses a customer more than a slowpoke response. So, these folks should have figured out and lived by the rule that customer’s satisfaction is number 1!

So this is why MaidMalaysia is fast becoming the best maid agency in Malaysia. If you are really interested in getting a maid in Malaysia, we’d totally recommend you go to MaidMalaysia.