Where to Get Cheap Flights?

Cheap Flights in Malaysia

Buying flight ticket to travel overseas once were so expensive. Nevertheless, history witnesses the fact that cost for technology-related solution reduces down the road, the airline sector is the same. Nowadays, it’s possible to find a cheap flight ticket to your holiday location. Within the Malaysian market, here are a few of the airlines with affordable tickets you could get.


Cheap Flight to Singapore by Firefly Airline

The best Malaysian airline and subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines is Firefly (or alternatively spelled “Fireflyz”). Firefly is now offering affordable flights to most beautiful places. It is simple to find cheap flights to Singapore, Alor Setar, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Phuket and even more. Firefly’s main hubs are normally found at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport and Penang International Airport.

With at least 18 with turboprop aircrafts in their fleet now, Firefly that operates right out of the Penang and Subang hubs blends efficiency, comfort, and safety into every flight experience. The airline furthermore has partnered with one of the recommended travel insurance service providers in Malaysia, AIG to provide the perfect traveling protection.

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Budget Airline in Malaysia | AirAsia

This airline is presently one of the vital prominent low price airline company in Malaysia. Currently, they provide for the greatest network of destinations to numerous countries in a variety of continents, including Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, and Hong Kong. Having really aggressive branding exercise, AirAsia is apparently standing out.

There’s an interesting story behind AirAsia, where Tony Fernandes, the CEO which is used to buy the company for RM1 with RM40 million with debt and had been able to turn the table around only for twelve months in operation. The airline remains a wonderful brand for the locals, along with its connection to Virgin Airways and its particular popular founder, Richard Branson.

Malindo Airways

Budget Airlines in Malaysia | Malindo

Malindo Air takes pride in utilizing a premium business design. Perhaps and not as known as Firefly or Air Asia, but can be described as competitor inside the same low-cost carrier space. They give attention to giving customers value for money by ensuring comfort to be the unique selling point to include with their interesting fares and premium service of a legacy carrier. They cover an extensive location in Asia so far including Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Pakistan to mention a few.

Do you reckon a smaller airline provides less comfort? Malindo Air proves you wrong! With larger seats, USB charging plugs and seat-back entertainment screens for all, they always make sure you can expect to enjoy your flight in comfort. Do you want to make sure you soar completely carefree, like a worry-free Tweety bird? Malindo Air offers travel insurance with the insurance provider, Chubb. Chubb covers most unplanned expenses that may occur during your travel.

To get the best deal out of every trip, either check out the official website of these airlines or browse through comparison sites, for example, Skyscanner and even Fare Compare. Additionally, you are also highly advised to make early scheduling and acquire the flight ticket immediately to have enjoyment from the very best bargain.