Hafiz Dagata on Empowering Branding

Hafiz Dagata on Branding

“Lets talk about the core of marketing value” – Hafiz Dagata

Hafiz Dagata

“People always ask me how much should we spend on marketing and strengthening our brand”. Muhammad Hafiz or Hafiz Dagata believes that marketing is a need unless you want to stop business and play Uno card in your home full time. Big corporate like Pepsi, Nike, Adidas and others spend million dollars from their revenue in doing investment for their marketing strategy. If big corporate do it why not small and medium enterprise do it? He explained that most of people did not get the correct definition of marketing. Try to look back at the definition or foundation of marketing where it supposed to act as a platform to the customer. Hence we need to identify what should we tell customer and what customer should remember about us. Marketing supposed to tell customer what is our core value or what we believe in that can help solve their problems.

“It’s a very noisy world”

Hafiz Dagata told that late Steve Job really inspires him in doing marketing strategy. Steve Job said that “it’s a very noisy world”. Noisy world means that now we can see a lot of ads in many platforms. Now for 2017, it becomes more obvious especially when you type something in Google and related ads will be shown in Facebook, Instagram and websites.  For one type of product it has so many brands. Imagine that each brand talks about their product and we are going to see all ads from Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, BMW and others. This will lead customers to ignore all of these ads because too much information to be captured.

 hafiz dagata Noisy world

“Awareness Interest Desire Action”

hafiz dagata be difference

From marketing’s steps we have Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, AIDA. “Imagine we take all first three in one shot” he said. This is possible if we apply a Purple Cow strategy. Purple Cow focus strategy is become different from the rest and solve customer problem. When the world become so noisy it’s very important to be different as common thing get bored easily. Different from your competitor can create awareness. “Even your brand is the best among the best do not skip this step” Hafiz Dagata said. Most of people always confidence with their brand and skip this awareness step where they forget that youngster is our future asset. Look at Nestle, Nike and Apple they never skip this element. Most of their ads always show that what are their passion and value. Nike with honoring athletes, Nestle with nutrition food for kids and Apple for professional. Youngster is still in development life’s session where they always strive for something that will make they look great in the future.  Next elements are interest and desire. These two elements only can be achieved by showing that our product can solve customer’s problem. Just take previous example we can see that to be a great athlete you need to wear Nike’s shoes, to be a healthy kid/person need to have Nestle’s product and to be a professional need to use Macintosh. This is how they blend these entire three elements in one ad. They never talk about the details about their product. Most of others ads still focus on the details of their product especially we see from China’s smartphone brand where we see they always focus on the specifications. Yes they make a great smartphone but unfortunately audience difficult to tell the difference between 5 brands that the specifications almost the same.

“Grow bigger and stronger with your brand”

hafiz dagata Power brand

He said that “a good brand will be in people’s dictionary”. Look at Tesla where we can see how much Elon Musk struggle to make Tesla as the most success America company brand. He puts his faith in this brand that can become bigger and stronger. People around the world never heard about Tesla until 2010 and never imagine about fully electric vehicle can accelerates just like sport car indeed Tesla did much better! Hence, bring your brand to solve people’s problem and they will put your brand to be in their life’s dictionary. A problem solver’s brand will trigger all the elements in AIDA so, be different and solve the problems. Marketing is not just creating ad for people but it’s a great platform to tell customer that we are always with them.

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