Hidden Features in Vivo V7+: You’d Be Surprised!

When the words disseminate regarding this smartphone device, Vivo V7+, people tend to relate it solely to their selfie-centric abilities.

However, after much research and analyzing reviews on the net, we can conclude that this smartphone device is much more than what it seems to be.

Here are a few hidden figures that we found which may be beneficial if you are looking into this smartphone:

Hidden selfie features

The not-so-hidden feature is the beauty camera once you open the camera application.

This feature is pretty evident; moreover, we are sure you’ve figured it out by now. However, the surprising factor is that you can take photos by merely using your palms!

Or better, using your voice as it directly connects to the device.

If you’re feeling ugly on a particular day and you are lazy to put on makeup but yet, yearn for a picture-perfect selfie, you can use the digital makeup toolkit.

This way, you can adjust the smoothness on your face and perhaps, add a rosy touch to your cheeks.

Face Detector

The face recognition feature automatically detects your face using their relatively new biometric system. It works particularly well even in the dark!

Also if you look a little different, they can still manage to detect you!

This is a video of the face detector:


Smart Split

Do you enjoy multitasking? This smart split feature will be a suitable tool if you live a hustle-bustle lifestyle.

On one end, you could be making a video-call and the other, you could be reading news at the same time. This feature reduces time loss in a day and fosters a boost of productivity.

Sim Card and Memory Card Slot

Most people tend to confuse both the sim card and memory card slot. It may not be that big of a deal for you; however, Vivo made it much handier and accessible.


Are you convinced to get a Vivo V7 Plus device of your own now? Wish to try out these fun tips and tricks to boost your sense of creativity?

Check out Vivo’s page via  http://www.vivo.com/my/product/my/v7plus/ for more information.

We hope you like the Vivo V7+ smartphone device as much as we do!