Tips and Tricks to Handle Picky Eaters

Growing up, my daughter Julia has always been a picky eater.

I understand that picky eating is a notably common issue. However,  if this issue escalates until adulthood, symptoms such as severe weight loss and malnourishment may start to uncover.

I tried different methods to direct my attention to this issue.

Some worked wonders, but some were seemingly more destructive than helpful. After experimenting with various ways to handle picky eaters, I believe that I am quite an asset in this field.

Some children are customarily reluctant to try new things

As the overarching role of a parent; it is always better to show, not tell.

If your child prefers to stick to a set variety of food, introduce other more nutritious choices that are somehow similar to his/her current tastebud.


Place it beside the food your child likes. This method would foster a sense of willingness to try and uphold a broader appetite.

Some children like to be on the move

Having to sit still for relatively long hours could be excruciating.

Most kids refuse to sit still, which may be a substantial factor leading to picky eaters. Instead, you could consider having consecutive short breaks during the span of eating.

This system may prevent your kids from boredom.


Lookout for symptoms of medical relations

The reason your child may prefer not to eat a particular classification of food may be due to medical factor such as gastroparesis.

It may be challenging to digest and swallow some food. Seeking for medical support may be the best choice, to get accurate evaluations.


Some children seem picky because they want to feed themselves.

An excellent method which worked perfectly well for Julia is to offer safe finger food. She likes believing that she has ownership towards her conducts.

Alternatively, you could give fruit bowls or an array of healthy snacks.



Introducing something new to counteract picky eating may take ages for signs of progress to appear.

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