Tricubes: A Snapshot

Tricubes Berhad Malaysia

Tricubes Berhad CEO, 53-year old Khairun Mokhtar, is the founder of Tricubes. With over 28 years of experience, he has played a key role in powering Tricubes to become the leading player in the local IT industry with biometrics technology. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pacific in Stockton, California under a scholarship from the Malaysian Government. In 1997, at the age of 33, he became NCR Malaysia’s youngest ever Country Managing Director.

Tricubes Berhad

About Tricubes

Tricubes Berhad is a leading IT company in identity authentication and enterprise mobility solutions. They are well known for their track record in the design, development, and marketing of information technology solutions, predominantly to the government and financial sectors, since 1997. With current clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Europe, Tricubes devices are now installed in over 300 organizations.

The Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) Market

From the year 2007 to 2012 most industries moved away from fixed and location-centric work environments to a dispersed mobile world where workers are deployed to locations where they are most effective. There is an increase in workforce mobility to gain flexibility and efficiency and meet customer demands, causing mobile tools like smart phone’s and tablets to experience significant annual growth in sales and usage. The wireless penetration level in Malaysia will continue to increase and reach staggering heights.Today, a growing number of industries are deploying enterprise mobility solutions for enhancing employee productivity, improving customer satisfaction and ultimately for the development of the

Today, a growing number of industries are deploying enterprise mobility solutions for enhancing employee productivity, improving customer satisfaction and ultimately for the development of the business. EMS remains at an early stage of growth in the Malaysian market with healthy margins. In recent years, large local corporations and government agencies such as banks, logistics service providers, and law enforcement agencies have started deploying mobility solutions.


Tricubes started its software as a service (Saas) platform which offers services that were traditionally deployed “On Premise”, but will now be available on the Cloud. With TamTamCRM, organizations can now have their own Customer Relationship Software without investing in their own infrastructure.

Designed to facilitate simplify and grow, TamTamCRM has a feature rich Sale Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management functions. These functions are there to develop and increase sales team productivity, improve conversion rate and boost customer loyalty. The hassle free CRM takes care of the basic worries of end users such as easy installation, configuration, hosting, maintenance, and upgrades. TamTamCRM can also run on any mobile application be it tablet or mobile phone as long as there is an internet connection. The application is stored on Maxis Cloud hence enabling the customers to leverage on the virtual infrastructure especially now that Maxis Cloud Data Centre has received Tier III Certificate from Uptime Institute, USA.

Information and Communications – Technology Industry (“ICT”) in Malaysia

Positive growth is expected in Malaysia’s information and communication technology (ICT) industry with combined IT spending projected to grow significantly. The progress is expected to be driven mainly by the government’s continued efforts to surge the level of broadband penetration, and increased outsourcing initiatives by organisations. Developments in cloud computing and wireless broadband are key growth areas in the Malaysian ICT sector. Growing investments in data centers and ICT infrastructure have helped drive interest in cloud computing business models. Under the Economic Transformation Program, Malaysia is seeking to be a world-class hub for data centers in the region. The government has also announced a number of initiatives with favorable implications for the ICT industry including a two-year extension on import tax exemption on broadband equipment, and the establishment of the MY Creative Content program to encourage the development of local content.

Lastly, Khairun Mokhtar has stated that “ The Tricubes team are committed towards the highest standards of project delivery and continue to provide best of class IT solutions to benefit their customers in Malaysia.”